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IRA Property Valuation and Appraisal

IRA Valuation and Appraisal Services design to deliver insight into a property’s fundamentals information and the overall market dynamics affecting value – now and in the future. We believe that valuation is the crucial part to provide information for the banker and investor to make decision, so valuation report must be clear, prompt and addresses the big picture. Our best-in-class approach has pushed the property valuation industry in Cambodia to a higher standard of service and accountability. We strive to continuously raise the bar through our knowledge and systems to deliver distinctive and quality results.

IRA provide a wide range of Valuation and Consultancy that spans from single family property to project-focused feasibility study, to identification of operators and advice on the terms of management and operation agreements. In addition, our Development Solutions is a high-level consultancy that specializes in complex real estate development projects and providing strategic services. Aside from the typical property sectors, we have experience in specialized developments such as hotels and resorts, golf courses, sports and events venues, retail and ports.

Our services would include:

  • Valuation for Collateral
  • Valuation of Project Development
  • Valuation of Hotels and Resort
  • Valuation of Golf Course
  • Valuation for Rental Property
  • Valuation of Development Site
  • Valuation of Concession and Leasehold Property
  • Valuation of Agriculture and Plantation
  • Valuation of Plants and Machinery
  • Valuation of Specialized Property (Hospital, Mining, Airport, …)

Why Choosing IRA Valuation Services


IRA has been using international valuation standard guide line to apply in our valuation work in daily basis in order to maintain the highest quality of valuation services.

We always follow the international valuation standard technique and approaches to analysis step by step to get the accurate valuation result.


We have clear operation standard and work flow for our staff to serve our customers based on our core value “Integrity, Reliable, and Accuracy” to ensure Reliable and Accuracy. We understand that trust once broken takes a life time to earn it back.


We guarantee to deliver valuation result within 48 hours from the site inspection to delivery report to the bank. We have over 10 capable valuers that can produce the valuation report within the time frame event the property located in Phnom Penh or provinces.


We understand that Accuracy is the most concern issue by the banker and by IRA management, so we are seriously control our staff performance and process during the operation. We set 3 layers in quality control and check before delivering valuation report to customers.

Valuer whose work direct with customer is not the person who decides the price of the property valuation in order to prevent fraud or corruption. IRA management team was analysis the data and decides the property value.


IRA has been bring the advanced technology to assist in daily valuation and verbal check in order to store all information regarding properties valuation, comparison properties, market trend, location, and easy to explore and get back the information.


IRA is the first valuation company that developing the Verbal Indication System which provide convenient and fast verbal indication for the banker to check property value by their own at the spots or manual direct check the indication with our Valuer.

IRA Verbal System Package:

  • User to log in to check verbal by their own
  • Direct check with our Valuers
  • Issue certificate of property value (one page only) for property value less than 100k by free of charge.


In order to maintain confidence and trust, IRA was purchased the Indemnity Insurance. The coverage focuses on alleged failure to perform on the part of, financial loss caused by, and error, omission, and fraud in the services by the policyholder.

Estate Agency

IRA provided listings of premier residential, Commercial, and Industrial real estate properties in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, and throughout Cambodia, including apartments and flats, serviced apartments, villas and townhouses, condominiums, and lands.

Whether you are looking for a residential property for rent, for sale, or for investment opportunities, you will find a suitable property handpicked for you. Start browsing now or contact any of our residential real estate agents.

List of properties for Sale /Rent

Project Marketing

IRA project marketing team provides the worried free to the developer regarding selling his/her project. IRA have dedicated team that are capable of selling project with highly skill to develop “Unique Selling Point” of the project and marketing package that highly efficiency with little expenses. 100% of unit selling is our commitment.

List down projects

Property Management

IRA offers our clients a range of services, including a comprehensive property management service. From a single property owned by a foreign owner living abroad to the local landlord with a large serviced apartment building, our extensive knowledge of key real estate in Phnom Penh means that we are ideally placed to cater to the diverse needs of our clients. With extensive experience in property management for many years, IRA’s property management service is carefully designed to make the process of being a landlord as stress free as possible. All correspondence, communications and accounting is dealt with by our staff, allowing the owner to merely receive payment each month.

IRA Property Management offers day-to-day building management functions such as:

  • Administration of building maintenance
  • Conducting property inspections
  • Managing external service providers
  • Providing payment and receipt functions for billing of external services
  • Provision of work plans and management of support staff and contractors including cleaners and security.
  • Management of other agency inquiries and commission management
  • Full management reporting suite including monthly summary reports, expenses and revenue reports.

Property Consultancy

IRA Property Consultancy service provides information and analysis of economic, capital and real estate sector conditions and trends. We have our own database; market knowledge and expertise provide the most reliable, updated and comprehensive assessments of the Cambodian property market available. In addition to data collect from the largest volume of transactions in the Cambodian market, our research team also conducts its own field surveys, which are then combined with the latest secondary data from governmental and private agencies to create overall market studies used by our clients to predict future trends and model their behavior accordingly.

IRA teams have 10 years of experiences in the real estate market that is provided deepest market knowledge and historical data that is not easy to get by normal surveyors.